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Gloria, Charles, & Amir

Meredith was a blessing to my husband and me. Her calm and gentle demeanor was so helpful throughout my whole pregnancy & especially came in handy when it was time to give birth. I want to say to Meredith continue in your passion of helping women bring their babes into the earth, you are doing what you're supposed to do! You have a special gift for this that's for certain!

Gloria, Charles, & Amir

I had the beautiful pleasure of having Meredith as my doula for my first pregnancy/birth. We have a pretty neat story of how we first met, so when I was looking for a doula I knew she was meant to be there. But even having met her when I was a little girl, her circling back into my life at the perfect time, her presence is what really sealed the deal for choosing her.

Meredith provided not only plenty of useful information in various forms (paper hand outs, in person contact etc..), she also provided such a safe space for any questions/concerns I had. I will never forget, I was on the phone with her when I was in denial labor (I was a whole month early to the day and didn’t realize I was laboring all day...ha). In this particular case, she was the sound voice of reason and guided me through to get to the hospital ASAP. During labor, even though it was relatively short so we didn’t get to all the fun labor techniques we talked about previous- just having her by my side, holding space and reaffirming my strength was immensely powerful.

Her spirit in the room was strong but never overbearing, her knowledge was very helpful and authentic. Once you meet her, I’m sure you’ll have the same reaction. Thank you for everything, Mer!

Quinn and Tre